Benefits of Using Electric Actuators

An actuator that is used to provide motion for secondary equipment with the help of an electric motor is ideally called an electric actuator. Unlike other types, this actuator uses electricity as its […]

Role of Electric Actuators in the Food Industry

Efficient food processing and packaging operations call for high-level robust technologies that are durable, precise, and safe for food. Various food industry procedures including cutting and slicing […]

How Our Linear Actuators Are Made

A linear actuator is a motor that creates motion in a straight line. It is widely used in machine tools and industrial applications. Recently, with the rise of electric linear actuators, more and more […]

Advantages of electric actuators

The electric push rod is a kind of electric driving device which transforms the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. Can be used in various simple or comple […]

Features Of Linear Actuators

Linear actuators are almost always computer-controlled, although some can be guided by hand. A linear actuator can be powered by either hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical, electromechanical and piezoele […]

The History of Linear Actuators

Though we don’t know the exact date of the invention of the linear actuator, we do know that tools resembling modern linear actuators first started cropping up during the Industrial Revolution. By the […]

How is the multi axis machine so popular

Multi-axis device is commonly known as multi-axis drilling head and multi-axis tapping head, as a new type of hole processing equipment for fast drilling, tapping, chamfering, and flat surface. It has […]
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