The electric push rod is a kind of electric driving device which transforms the rotary motion of the motor into the linear reciprocating motion of the push rod. Can be used in various simple or comple […]

Industrial Applications Of Industrial Robots

Industrial robots have a wide range of applications, such as the application of industrial robots in agriculture, the use of industrial robots to harvest fruits and cotton, the storage and storage of […]


Industrial manipulator, also known as industrial robot arm, is an actuator assembly composed of mechanical parts. According to different structures, it consists of precision servo motors, mechanical s […]

Types of multi-axis drilling machines

Types of multi-axis drilling machines Nov 20, 2019 Multi-axis drilling machines are broadly divided into two types: adjustable and fixed. 1 Adjustable: The main structure of the multi-axis drilling ma […]


Applications in industry and automation Because linear motors have their own unique advantages, they are widely used in mechanical and electrical integration of machinery and machine tools, such as li […]
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